Source Code Organizer NET v2.0

Is your library for organizing and storing your source code. It doesn’t matter what type of language you program in, Source Code Organizer will keep it safe and secure until you need to use it again

-Color syntax (C# / VBNET / C++ / XML / TeX / PHP / Javascript / Java / BAT / Coco / HTML / T-SQL)
-Each code node has two types of attachment, archive and picture

Platform : C# 2008
Operating System : Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / win7 (32/64 bit)
Requirements : .NET framework v3.5
Filesize : 527kb (contains DLL from SharpDevelop project)

+new option at ‘codes’ folder, ‘export folder to system’ (helpful to push on github)

+Synchronize dbase files
+Export for web
+Import local files to dbase
*code rewritten on C#
*uses SQLite

users of v1.3x , can send us an email to get the dbase converter for free.

online – new features presentation         mirror (2.7mb)


By: |11/12/2011