A tiny app for GithubGist allows to view your or others snippets!

features :

  • group by code language!
  • export codes locally!


All in all, gistManager can prove a handy application for all those who do not like to use browsers when managing their code snippets and gists. Features a highly intuitive interface and it also allows you to export your data locally.
Platform : C# 2010
Operating System : Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / win7 (32bit)
Requirements : v4.0 .NET framework
Filesize : 642kb

warning gist changed 16/08/2015 – to obtain a token you have to go at tested&working

+context menu added : goto Gist url / clipboard Gist url
+when creating a Gist can be marked as private
*code optimization

*context menu strip – hide delete gist when code node clicked
*sometimes bad editor position
+new batch files upload

+add/edit/delete file to/from Gist
+credentials stored to file
*request object leak

By: |15/03/2014