Are you android developer? Using this application you will avoid the headache of android: xml typing shit. Use your existing layouts or create new by adding/editing elements in zero time!

Platform : C# 2010

Operating System : Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / win7 (32bit)
Requirements : v3.5 .NET framework
Filesize : 256kb

v1.1 (17/11/2013)
+new properties : align by ID / invisible / bold / text
+treelistview context menu option – ‘copy all properties’ transformed to ‘copy element’ (without closing tag)
*parent align checkboxes – packed to combobox
*layout align checkboxes – packed to combobox
*GUI reconstruction 



online video tutorial v1.0.1 (click ‘Play flash full screen’)

By: |15/11/2013