Really tired with the Access dbases. Still on 2016 seeing people using ‘applications’ (aka mdb/accdb) for their works. This tiny application comes to give a feeling of mdb query analyzer in 26kb.


Platform : C# 2010
Operating System : Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / win7 (32bit)
Requirements : v4 .NET framework
Filesize : 82kb

Multi joins and string concatenation in Access file, working like :

SELECT    customers.fname & " " & customers.lname AS [Customer],
          peripheral.peripheral_type              AS [Peripheral Type],
          qty                                     AS [Quantity],
          date_sent                               AS [Date Sent],
          price                                   AS [Price],
FROM      ((orders
LEFT JOIN peripheral ON peripheral.peripheral_id = orders.peripheral_id)
LEFT JOIN customers ON customers.customer_id = orders.customer_id)
LEFT JOIN prices ON prices.peripheral_id = peripheral.peripheral_id WHERE orders.peripheral_id > 0

By: |07/11/2016