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2017-06-27 – PHP Secure Chat: Chat box between users using encrypted messages
This package implements chat box between users using encrypted messages.

It can output HTML and JavaScript to implement a chat box between users.

They use a commonly agreed password to encrypt the messages using BlowFish before they are sent to the server via AJAX.

The server stores the encrypted messages in a MySQL database before they are delivered and decrypted to other chat users with the same password.

2015-03-01 MyCryptoChat

Is a simple PHP encrypted chat rooms manager. Everything is encrypted on the client side

Skype Live Chat For PHP (paid)

ref –

New Kind of Instant Messaging (cross platform)


Because we need to encrypt and secure the Internet. The Internet is broken and we need to fix it. Thanks people like Edward Snowden we know today that the NSA (and also other intelligence agencies too) operates a global surveillance on citizens. We can’t loose our right of freedom, our right of privacy to centralized governmental authorities. Now it’s our move. It’s time to fight back!

PHP WebSocket server ex2


Live helper chat

HTPC/Homelab Services Organizer

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