Today I tried phonegap, the flow was :

-install the gui program (PhoneGapSetup-win32.exe)
-create a new project
-on the prj folder, exists a folder called www, drop your html PRJ there
-then to compile for xap/ipa/apk I go to, made a free account
-zip the www files+folders, upload zip, press build!

FYI login to

better use

Unfornutaley Phonegap has an important disadvantage: whenever a security update of Phonegap is released, Google Play requires you to upgrade your app. If you have written many apps (like I did), having to recreate all of them (3 times in latest 2 years) is quite annoying. Therefore I would recommend Webview instead.

source –

Fire up eclipse, API16, do the trick via webview (template source with example, support HTML5 dbase CRUD) :

special thanks to :


Loading dynamic html and javascript from assets in a WebView

NanoHTTPD server running inside android app to serve html/images

HTML5 Database Test

//source - +
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
<title>Insert title here</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
var filename = "name";
var filepath = "path";
function insertInTable(name, path)
    var db = window.openDatabase('taukydb', '1.0', 'Tauky Database', 2000);
    db.transaction(populateDB, errorCB, successCB);
function populateDB(tx) {
	tx.executeSql('DROP TABLE IF EXISTS taukytb');
    tx.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS taukytb (name TEXT UNIQUE, path TEXT, uploaded INTEGER)');
    tx.executeSql('INSERT INTO taukytb (name, path, uploaded) VALUES ("'+filename+'", "'+filepath+'", 0)');
// Transaction success callback
function successCB() {
    //this is just for testing
    var db = window.openDatabase("anotherdb", "1.0", "Cordova Demo", 1024 * 1);
    db.transaction(populateDB, errorCB, function(){});               
function queryDB(tx) {
    tx.executeSql('SELECT * FROM taukytb', [], querySuccess, errorCB);
function querySuccess(tx, results) {
    var len = results.rows.length;
//Transaction error callback
function errorCB1(err) {            
    alert("Error 11111 processing SQL: "+err.code);
    //console.log("Error processing SQL: "+err.code);
// Transaction error callback
function errorCB(err) {
    //alert("Error processing SQL: "+err.code);
    //console.log("Error processing SQL: "+err.code);
	<button onclick="insertInTable()">Start</button>

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