BBS… DOS… For those who got to know computing through Windows 95 or later. BBS means Bulletin Board System and it was the initial form of social networking. Some guys wrote their messages on an online database, and other guys responded later on. Only text please, only on desktop computers, and of course only through dialup modems, that achieved connection speeds in bps (yes, just bps) values of few digits.

DOS means Disk Operating System, and it was the typical operating system of those times, with an interface… in text mode, of course. Good, now that we got all that sorted out, you can imagine how Google would look like, if it existed at that time. If you can’t, then just take a look at the Google conversion, made by developer Norbert Landsteiner, using HTML and javascript code. In fact, you can even use it to perform searches! For the old to remember and the young to learn…

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