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This is the Game of War: Fire Age Guide. It is an organized list of all of the posts we have written for the game.

first steps –

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When you go to craft an item you will see various percentages for each color of quality. This is the percentage chance you will actually make that item quality. Don’t gamble with your hard earned materials, just craft items that have 100% chance of success for the color you want (ideally purple). In the example below, there is a 20% chance of a blue item. Don’t waste your blue materials when the chance of success is less than 100%. In this example you would need all 4 materials to be green to have a 100% chance of success for a green quality item.


Gear Spreadsheet – Up to date Feb2015 – Click here – OneDrive

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convert Pacific Standard Time (PST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

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